The Collegium Bobolanum is a part of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Warsaw, Poland. It was launched by the Holy See in 1988. The Faculty is recognized by the Polish state and has the right to confer master degrees in theology and bachelor degrees in political studies and Christian pedagogy. The College also provides canonical licentiate in theology (STL), doctoral (STD) and postdoctoral diploma in theology (habilitation).

The Collegium Bobolanum has a long tradition, dating back to small primary school founded in Połock (now in the territory of Belarus) in the year 1580 by Fr. Piotr Skarga S.J. This school gradually transformed to theological faculty in  1737 and the Połock Academy in 1812. The College, originally educated young Jesuits only; after various transformations, it finally moved to Warsaw and expanded its educational offerings.

The Bobolanum College offers studies in theology for those who wish to deepen the Christian vision of reality, as well as to serve their theological knowledge - in the Church, in the media and educational institutions. An important task of the Collegium Bobolanum is the search for truth; conducting research in the field of theology and other ecclesiastical sciences, to explain the content of faith and express it in language understandable to the modern person, to support theological reflection for pastoral purposes.

The Bobolanum College also offers education in political studies. Studies combine knowledge of political science, economics, social and legal issues. It allows students to learn about the history of the international community dawn to present times, to understand the mechanisms that govern it, especially in relation to the countries of Eastern Europe, whose importance in European politics continues to increase. Moreover, students explore subjects of personal and social safety, and learn how to design and implement various projects aimed at developing local communities. Political Science Graduates may find employment in government institutions, as administration staff of emergency response teams, as part of the security structures of economic organizations, etc.

The Bobolanum College also offers education in Christian pedagogy.

An important task of the Collegium Bobolanum is shaping the attitudes that promote Christian, universal human, civil and patriotic values - in a spirit of dialogue with other Churches and religions, contemporary culture and other scientific disciplines.

The distinguishing feature of the Collegium Bobolanum compered to other universities is its person-centered approach, close cooperation between professors and students, and friendly environment. Students have easy access to teaching staff and may establish personal relationships with each other. Among Jesuits working in the Collegium Bobolanum there are experienced spiritual directors who may help in addressing life's problems and finding the will of God in the way of personal life.



ul. Rakowiecka 61

02-532 Warszawa, Poland


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from the beginning of October to the end of June: Tue-Sat: 9.00-15.30

July and September: Mon-Fri: 9.00-15.30

closed in August

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